Premium Transfersand Services is the leader in providing of personalized services and transfers in automotive industry.

We are providing throughout Europe customized, reliable, professional and quality transfer services of all vehicle types.

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Company Premium Transfers and Services provides customized, specialized and individual services in automotive industry to all companies and individuals in order to facilitate and accelerate their business processes.


Organization of individual vehicle transportation

from “door to door” from any EU country.

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Seeking for any vehicle type

on EU markets, according to specific needs and quality check of vehicles.

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Vehicle purchasing and import

from EU countries with corresponding documentation.

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Express service center

Technical inspection, registration, tire change and service.

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Organization of individual vehicle transportation from “door to door”

Our key advantage is the individual transportation of vehicles “from point A to point B”, respectively from order place to the delivery place.
Within 24-48 hours, we are able to deliver to each EU country any type of vehicle. We transfer registered and unregistered cars reliably and in due time, including logistics planning, quality control of vehicles , all- risk insurance during transportation and final documentation.
Regardless, whether it isa small car or a large transport vehicle, we transfer your vehicle to the destinationjust on time. This provides a favorable alternative to conventional transporting offers.

In accordance with our full service policy, the price includes:

  • Vehicle transport
  • All-risk car insurance
  • Protocol on the vehicle condition
  • Photo documentation about the vehicle’s condition and archiving (optional)
  • Logistics documentation
  • Arrival and departure of the driver

Seeking for any vehicle type and quality check of vehicles

Company Premium Transfers and Services has a network of partners in all EU countries which allows us to find any kind of highest quality new or used vehicles, that meet all your business and personal needs. We could offer the right vehicle within 24 to 48 hours upon request. We offer only vehicles which have all necessary and truthful documentation. This service is offered without purchase obligation.

We guarantee that the founded vehicle is of highest quality, with all documented inspections, performed services, service history, and original mileage with documented all potential defects. Our service includes complete inspection and the vehicle is not delivered to a customer if there is missing a single part of the mentioned documentation.

Vehicle purchasing and import

Company Premium Transfers and Services is also able to purchase vehicle according to your specifications or selection, from all EU countries and deliver that vehicle at your door. Before purchasing we shall provide all information to you – comprehensive photo documentation of the vehicle, specifications, condition, mileage, and the final price, including transportation to the desired location.

You avoid unnecessary travel expenses to foreign country, waste of time for needed documentation, car testing, and you save money and time. Our staff will do it for you in every country of the European Union. Safety and integrity of the vehicle, all supporting documentation and money saving, makes our service unique. The seven years’ experience and the satisfaction of more than 2,000 customers is a guarantee of quality service.

Technical inspection, registration, tire change and service

Express service center – we take care about your car!

Complete service! Save money and time!

You have no time and your vehicle needs a reparation, technical inspection, tire change, washing etc. We offer a fast and first-class service. According to your needs, we offer our service from “door to door” on 7/24 basis.

If you are satisfied with our service and recommend us at least to two of your friends or partners, we reward a 15% discount on any of our services.